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As I briefly talked about earlier on, Anavar can be found in the form of capsules, it can be injected or you can take it orally though a tablet. Now normally, these tablets will be sold in 10mg per tablet but it can range from anywhere between 10 and 50mg per tablet so make sure that you know. Especially if you are a female because a female’s does in considerably lower in comparison to males, females do not need to exceed a recommended dose of anything over 10mg per day. Males have been known to go up to 100+ mg per day. In order for Anavar to be the most effective for males and produce them with the best kinds of results, I would recommend using 20mg as an absolute minimum dose because anything below this will just leave you wondering whether there are any changes at all in terms of your physique because of how weak Anavar is.

The most common form of Anavar, which is generically known as Oxandrolone, found when searching for Anavar for sale online, is its tablet form. However many underground labs have created their own versions of the drug and as such it can also be found in capsule, liquid, and sometimes even in paper form. This drug is most often used for strength gain and cutting purposes, but it also builds muscle although not as effectively as some of the other compounds out there. The biggest benefit of Anavar is that many of your gains (fat loss and size wise) will be permanent. This is why many people that take part in drug tested events make use of Anavar, because they can discontinue it a safe time prior while still keeping their gains.

Anavar for sale uk

anavar for sale uk


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