Anniversary meme

On September 10, 2007, Chris Crocker uploaded a monologue performance, in which he made a plea to the media and the general public to cease hounding pop star Britney Spears (copy shown below). In the video, Chris made a fake emotional storm in response to the amount of negative attention Britney had been receiving during the time leading up to and after her comeback performance at the 2007 MTV Music video gained over 2 million views in the first two hours, and as of March 26, 2012, has acquired more than 43 million views. His YouTube account has since been shutdown but copies of the video still exist.

Nellie was positive the strange lights and objects she and others had seen, and reported, were somehow involved. I have noted many of these San Luis Valley, CO reports in my ’Mysterious Valley’ books that didn’t garner the same attention as Snippy’s death. But, at the end of the first week of October 1967, Nellie’s longtime friend Pearl Mellon Nicholas, society editor for the Valley Courier let the strange death of the horse out of the barn. During the next four weeks, the “Snippy” the horse story emerged quickly from the local to the regional, national and international newspaper press.

According to 4chan founder m00t , the “rickroll” phenomenon began on /v/ (video games) circa May 2007 [2] , when someone posted a link to Rick Astley’s music video disguised as a sneak preview for the then newly released video game Grand Theft Auto IV . Due to the high buildup of anticipation for the game at that time, many GTA fans on the /v/ board fell victim to the bait-and-switch prank and the joke became quite popular on 4chan. The timeline the account has been further corroborated by Wikipedia and Google Trends, which shows that search interest in “rickrolling” began to rise between April and May 2007.

Anniversary meme

anniversary meme


anniversary memeanniversary memeanniversary memeanniversary memeanniversary meme