Are nap 50s good

Susan, thanks for the fast reply and putting this link. You are so determined and dedicated to getting it “just right”. I don’t know if I could repaint that many times! I will have to access the hinges. I have a pie safe I painted over the hinges and it is holding up. Seems so much easier to paint with the doors hanging off something rather than putting them flat on saw horses. I too found (what I think) the perfect knobs. They are painted ladybugs for the 6 doors and I found some butterfly pulls at Hobby Lobby for the 3 drawers. The butterflies are white but I may paint them red to match the ladybugs. Plan on blue paint for the hutch as I have my grandmother’s blue willow to display. Making the back white so the dishes pop. I even have lights inside this hutch. Looking at your hutch just gives me so much inspiration and your details make it seem/look easy (I hate to paint). Love your blog!

You need immediate alertness. Try a “ caffeine nap. ” Researchers at Loughborough University tested several ways to improve the alertness of drivers and found the “caffeine nap” to be the most effective method. You down a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage and then immediately hunker down for a 15-20 minute nap. Again, don’t go any longer than that or you’ll awaken with sleep inertia. The caffeine clears your body of adenosine, a chemical which makes you sleepy. It takes awhile for the caffeine to circulate through your system, so it doesn’t effect the quality of the nap. Instead, it kicks in in tandem with the refreshment you would feel upon awakening from a normal power nap. I’ve personally found the caffeine nap to be effective, especially when you’re crunched for time; it’s easier to get up and keeps you from the temptation of turning a 20 minute nap into an hour and a half session.

The true granddaddy of entertaining inept filmmaking, this Golden Turkey winner is a true classic. Immortalized by Tim Burton in the great film “Ed Wood,” this was to be the director’s magnum opus, but instead it’s a top notch pile of crap. I find it incredibly watchable, if only to laugh at the passionate way some of these “actors” deliver their lines. The story of aliens making the dead rise to help stop the earth from discovering “solarbanite” has all the makings of a sci-fi/horror epic. But alas, that would never be. Instead, we get shots that switch from day to night and back again, an obvious stand-in for Bela Legosi (who died long before actual shooting began and appears only from footage Wood shot earlier), and sets right out of someone’s basement. (a shower curtain is the cockpit door on a plane, tombstones fall over when someone trips over the fake grass, and alien spacecrafts hung on wires wobble over shots of Hollywood.) This is great stuff, and will truly be enjoyed with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Are nap 50s good

are nap 50s good


are nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s good