Main benefits of anavar

If you have a weight problem or have body image issues, then you have probably heard of fat burners of all types. There are just as many fat burners for women on the market as there are fat burners for men. Most people are overwhelmed when they realize how many fat burners are on the market. After absorbing all this information, then you have to ask yourself which ones actually work. It’s important to learn how to choose the right fat burner product so that it actually works for you as an individual. Below is vital information that can help you make your choice regarding fat burning supplements.

I have been taking Crazy Bulk products for about 3 months now: Testo-Max, D-Bal, Trenoral, and Decaduro. They appear to be working as I have never been over weight, but I am gaining muscle mass and more strength. My blood results from 2 weeks ago came back with DHEA-S of 971 with the Reference Range of 24-244. Also my AST/SGOT was 44 with Reference Range of 5-34. And my ALT/SGPT was 45 with a Reference Range of 5-41. I have not told my doctor I am taking these supplements yet. I am 69 years of age and they are working. I believe my doctor thinks there is something terribly wrong with me and said to stop taking my additional daily 2 DHEA pills of of 50mg each and come back in two weeks for another blood work. Here is my doctor’s quote in his letter to me: “Your Liver enzymes are elevated. If you are taking DHEA, you need to cut in 1/2. If you are not taking DHEA and are taking some sort of supplement, you need to stop. I’m recommending you recheck your labs after 2 weeks of changes. Your other lab tests are good.” Please advise me on these CrazyBulk products I am taking privately. I get no information from the company. Thank you

Main benefits of anavar

main benefits of anavar


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