Nap 50 and tren

Hi Shelley, it’s really sad you have just two days to see Uruguay. The country deserves so much more! But I will forgive you and help you plan your itinerary to make the most of your really limited time 🙂 I would suggest you take the fast boat to Montevideo. You’ll arrive at 11am. Choose from some of the different activities I suggest in my four-day plan of what to do in Montevideo . Plan to spend at least one evening in Montevideo –it’s a capital city and has wonderful music and culture– and check out what I recommend to do at night on my Guruguay facebook page. You can catch a bus around 10am to Colonia (you can check out how to read the bus timetables for long distance travel in Uruguay here). That will get you in at midday. Check out my article on Colonia for where to leave your bags as you walk around this lovely old city which is very accessible on foot. Do you have to get back to BA in the morning? Remember it’s one hour earlier in Argentina at the moment compared to Uruguay so you will gain an hour when you go back – YAYY! If you don’t need to get back in the morning, I’d suggest spending the two nights in Montevideo and then your third day roaming Colonia, taking the ferry back to BA in the evening . Let me know how it all works out for you! Cheers, Karen

Do we chalk that up to earlier production run gremlins? Or to an engine that when it was first designed some years ago was never designed to constantly switch on and off and is now being asked to do so? Either way, the new -liter feels like the more advanced motor, and it’s nearly as potent. The engine is just one more part that makes the 328i feel like the better product. Put another way, the three editors on staff that spent considerable time in each, all preferred the slower, cheaper 328i. It’s just better. Remember, you can’t have total victory without total victory.

starting hyges next week along with the parabolin codes both checked out. I have been on the test heptylate and tren e and eq for 3 weeks now and funnily enough i got insomnia in less than a week and the night sweats so im impressed
my appetite only increased in week 2 on the eq or could be the tren and the pumps are great on forearms straight away
the test hept i shoot 4ml a week in one glute and pip free takes one/two nights for the oil to be fully absorbed
rohm dbols are rocket fuel ... not tried the excel dbol yet

Nap 50 and tren

nap 50 and tren


nap 50 and trennap 50 and trennap 50 and trennap 50 and trennap 50 and tren