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As the title suggest, the exhibit theme wrests on the notoriety of Venice as a center of romantic liaisons, seductions and scandals, the likes of Casanova and the many courtesans that frequented the city. Yet, Venice was much more than that. It was a cauldron of intellectual activity, of industry, literature, and music. It was a society that for many years ensured the peace, prosperity and freedom of its people. And it was also a very pious city, one steeped in Roman Catholicism where many churches were built by its richest and most influential citizens.

This company provides complete commercial espresso machine sales, repair and client support to retailers throughout Southern California. Ridha is the exclusive Southern California sales representative for FAEMA , Rancilio & IberItal . Clients are encouraged to call for a personal showroom meeting, see the machines in action, and taste the espresso. ESPRESSO PRIMO offers a complete in-house service department which handles all repairs and machine reconditioning, overhauling and tune-ups. In-site service is provided, and for urgent calls, you can reach someone by pager. For over a half a century the Italian company FAEMA , a world leader in espresso and cappuccino machines, has produced state-of-the-art machines. FAEMA products are used in the finest restaurants, bars and hotels in over 100 countries. Continued investments in research and development, prompt service, technical and commercial training, are all vital elements in FAEMA ’s support to its clients. You will see FAEMA machines such as the Due and E-91 models and machines from , Rancilio and IberItal at many finer coffee establishments throughout Southern California.   E-mail         

Primo 100

primo 100


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