Primobolan ug

Primobolan Depot

Package : 1 Amps/Box
Chemical Content : Metenolone 100mg
Manufacturer : Bayer-Schering, Turkey
Price : $20

Product Code : HOST031

Indications :
Metenolone is an orally applicable androgen, and DHT derivative. It is sold under the brand name Proviron , by Bayer- Schering . In the late 70's and early 80's it was used with some success in controlled studies of men suffering from various forms of depression.
When it comes to Injection Form, the Primobolan Depot manufactured by the same company, Bayer- Schering is considered a top notch in the industry.

Dosage and Administration :
2 Ampules per week.

Additional Information :
Mesterolones are one of the best mild-steroid known for it's almost non-toxic property. Mesterolone should be taken at a dosage of 75mg-150mg daily for a 6 weeks therapy to increase appetite, sex drive, and harden the muscle to give more strength in various of activities.
Mesterolone is NOT a quick-acting drug, and patient should use Mesterolone as a long-term therapy. The use of Mesterolone with the combination of Anabols can also be taken to quicken the mass building effect.

As seen on the box:

Primobolan ® Depot

1ml yagli solusyon
100mg Metenolon enantat icerir

Yarmimci maddeler:
Enjeksiuonluk hint yagi
mg Benzil bonzoat

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Right now I'm doing a similar run only for 4 weeks this time (I would never run the two for longer than 4 weeks). I'm just finished week 2 and I really feel things kicking in now. However, I suspect the drol is severely underdosed but the winnie is good (maybe I'm immune to the drol somehow). I then plan on taking 30mg nolva ED for a week and then 20mg nolva ED for another week. I've also got some clomid on hand and a few people suggested adding 50mg ED for the two weeks that I'm taking the nolva (thoughts?). Once my 4 weeks are up I'll go a few months without anything in my system but at that point I would like to experiment with some completely different compounds... hence all my supernoob questions again ;o)

Primobolan ug

primobolan ug


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