Will nap 50s cause acne

Cosmetics alone don't cause acne, but may worsen it by plugging oil glands. Long-wearing "all day coverage" foundations, oil-based foundations, covering pimples with concealer, or using a brush to apply mineral powder may plug or irritate pores and worsen acne. Look for moisturizers, foundations and powders that are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Mineral powder applied with a sponge or liquid oil-free foundations are best. Hair styling products, heat, sweat, oil and friction (sweaty workout clothes, cell phones and touching your face etc) should be reduced.

Hi, I am glad to find some older people here. I am 57, developed acne (not rosacea) in the past year. I never had acne as a young adult or teen and here I am sharing retin-A with my two teenagers. Well, I was til I tried the regimen here. Danged if the regimen hasn't cleared up my skin and made it really soft and it feels great. I think stress in my case was the trigger. I had a hell of a year at work and with the economy and it just about stressed me to death. I finally got a grip on myself and decided to start taking care of myself again. In stepped the regimen on a google search. I was taking out my stress and frustration on my skin thinking I could scrub my face with a washcloth and strong soap, get chemical peels and used Retin-A regularly, nothing happened but more zits. Gentle is important, I think the gentle movement of the product on your skin also stimulates blood flow which in turn helps in healing. Also, relaxation techniques and keeping my damned hands off my damned face. Anyway, glad to find some people in my age range that are having trouble too, I thought my development of acne at 57 made me some kind of freak.

Will nap 50s cause acne

will nap 50s cause acne